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Hike the largest Pitons in St Lucia.


The unforgettable views of the Pros Piton Tour!

The Pitons, located near the towns of Soufriere on the south-west coast of the island are the St. Lucia's most famous landmark only the most adventurous climbers are ready for the unforgettable experience! Alongside with our experienced native St. Lucian guide, you will learn a fascinating history about the battle of freedom back in the days in St. Lucia. Our guide will answer all your questions and will be ready to help with any challenges.

The views from Pitons give an amazing view of the St. Lucia island and the higher you climb, the more you will be amazed of the remarkable stunning breathtaking views that will make you wish to stay there all day long just to watch the landmark and how amazing nature is. Explore the wilderness with pleasure and enjoy the clean air!

Our guides strongly recommend to bring water and snacks or to buy it at the begging of the tour.

Don't forget to bring your cameras to capture the beauties of nature and the impressive memories that you will enjoy remembering about!


Duration 4 or 8hrs

Physical Demand Light

Tour type Enjoyable!

Start time Early Pick-up


Free! Private Pickup & Return Service

Free! Water Provided


Info about the location

The Pitons, located near the towns of Soufriere on the south-west coast of The Pitons are two twin volcanic mountains in Saint Lucia. Located near the towns of Soufriere, on either side of the Jalousie Bay, The Pitons are protected and is a World Heritage Site with a size of 2909 ha.

Gros Piton with a size of 771 m and Petit Piton with 743 m high are by far one of the biggest attractions of Saint Lucia, preferred by people who want to explore a breathtaking view or ones who want to go into a new adventure of climbing them, even if at first glance they look like they are close to each other, as you get closer you realize that the distance between them is four kilometres, linked by Piton Mitan ridge, The Pitons are part of the Soufriere Volcanic Centre.

With an incredibly beautiful view of two peaks rising from the ocean, The Pitons are one of the most memorable landmarks of Caribbean island, Gros Piton with 3 kilometers in diameter and Petit Piton with 1 kilometer in diameter at the base, believed to be the remnants of two volcanic domes from Qualibou caldera that formed 32,000 to 39,000 years ago.

With small undisturbed natural forests remained because of the steepness of the land, the dominant vegetations on the Pitons consists of tropical moist forest with small areas of dry forest near the coast and on steep slopes, and areas of wet elfin woodland on the summits, The Gros Piton is home of at least 148 plant species and the Petit Piton of 97.

Climbing the Pitons is one of the most interesting and exciting experience you can have here, being able to climb both Gros Piton and Petit Piton, Petit Piton is not recommended at the same time as long as it is much steeper and more dangerous, while Gros Piton is safer and can be climbed by everyone without ropes or mountaineering experience, but even if experience is not needed, is not recommended to climb it without a guide.

The hike to the summit can take between three and six hours, but it's absolutely worth it, once you arrive on the peak you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean and even of a vast portion of the whole island.

But the best reason of people to climb the Gros Piton is the feeling of freedom they have standing on the top of it, experiencing a whole adventure climbing it and being rewarded with one of the most pleasant feelings, a photography will be the best memory to take home, in this way you'll have a piece of that feeling always with you.

Climbing the Gros Piton is possible all year round, but the most popular time to visit it is from December to March.

Local guides are always available, and it's strictly recommended to climb the peak with one, they have a big experience, climbing it every day, they know the best and faster way to do it, also they have knowledge of the medical procedures required in case of possible common accidents.

Guides don't just make the hike safe, they also transform the hike in a whole adventure, making it interesting and giving you the most valuable knowledge about the history, vegetation, animals of the Pitons and even the whole island.



Awesome must see when in St.lucia

One of the most awesome things to see in St. Lucia incredible ,best to see on a tour of the island don't miss seeing this stunning sight.

Just do it!

After a morning of rain, my family and I decided to tackle the Gros Piton hike. We wound up being the only ones on the mountain during this time. The hike was strenuous, but completely doable. Our guide was Erol (21yo) who actually guides it twice on some days! They allow plenty of water breaks and we were still able to complete the entire hike in under three hours. Couple bits of advice- go early in the day so it will be cooler and defeat the ice cream at the end!